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El Gecko Tours & Hotel offers the combination to stay in a lush surrounding where you are able to enjoy the sounds of nature and where you can reserve your tours while staying in Paquera. We provide tours to the tropical island Isla Tortuga, Bioluminescence kayak or boat tours, artesanal fishing trips and more. When you stay in one of our rooms you will wake up in the morning with the sounds of tropical birds and howler monkeys. Furthermore, you don´t have to go out for breakfast or dinner, at our restaurant
Las Lapas we are happy to serve you a nice meal.


Paquera is located at the most southern tip of the Peninsula Nicoya and is mostly known by travelers as the place where the ferry lands from Puntarenas. The large majority of tourists just drive through Paquera on their way to Montezuma, Santa Teresa or Tambor. 

Paquera has a lot to offer, Tortuga Island, bioluminescence kayak or boat tours, Wildlife refuge Curu and many more beautifull beaches. Its tranquil waters are great for sea kayaking and boating. There a a couple of great marshy mangrove areas, many beautiful beaches that are safe for swimming at any time. There are waterfalls, national parks, and beautiful wildlife reserve islands. The oceans here are teaming with life, so fishing is excellent.

Furthermore, Paquera is well known as a producer of many fruits and vegetables due to the climate and ideal location along the waterfront. The best part, for many, is that the influence of foreign tourists is much less here, so you will get much more of a feeling of the authentic “real” Costa Rica and you are able to experience the true Tico living here. 

So, why not check out this wonderful part of the Southern Nicoya Peninsula!


Our inviting rooms are located in a lush surrounding and overview our garden, mountain and or jungle.  Often you are able to spot the scarlet macaw, iguanas, monkeys and other types of animals. We offer free Wi-Fi , free parking, a shared kitchen and a restaurant.

In our garden you will find several fruit trees like Guanábana, Orange, Lime, Bananas, Avocado, Cas & Jocote, furthermore we plant as well vegetables like sweet Peppers, hot Peppers, Plantains, Yucca and Tomatoes.


Discover some of the hidden treasures of the Peninsula Nicoya by enjoying tours that we offer in the area.  Whether you crave ocean, jungle or beach, we offer for everybody something.