Bioluminescence Kayak Tour

Bioluminescence Kayak Tour Paquera

On your travels to Costa Rica you will encounter many beautiful and wonderful things. In our opinion one of the most spectacular is the natural wonder of bioluminescence in the ocean! Our planet offers privileged locations that feature a mesmerizing natural phenomenon when the ocean lights up during very dark nights.  Produced by high concentrations of light-emitting plankton, bioluminescence imbues the waters with a starry night effect.  Bioluminescence is found in many parts of the world, however in most locations it is either seasonal or requires perfect conditions in order to occur. Contrastingly, the Paquera Bay is home to bioluminescence year-round. That's why, we think that a bioluminesce tour in Paquera is a most do! 

At sunset, this tour leaves from the little beach next to the ferry dock in Paquera. When the nights falls you will be able to see the plankton glow in the dark. For more then a full hour you will be able to see this natural phenomenon and be enchanted how fish light up their path like shooting stars in the water or when you move your hands or paddle through it.

Schedule: +/- 5.30pm

Duration: +/- 2 hours

Starting point: Playa Relleno, Paquera

Includes: Drinks, Fruit & Life Jacket

Price: US $35,00 per person (tour starts whit a minimum of 2 persons)

What to bring: Sandals or water shoes, swimming  wear, insect repellent

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