Travelling through Costa Rica is possible on different ways. The best way for most visitors to get around in Costa Rica is with a rental car. Public buses are the transportation of choice for budget conscious backpackers on extended trips but typically eat up too much vacation time for travelers with only a week or two to explore. Depending on destinations, budget, group size and length of vacation travelers also often take advantage of private transfers, tourist mini-buses, public transportation, small planes, boats, a ferry or taxis.



The easiest way to travel from San José to Paquera is taking the new motorway (number 27) to Puntarenas, this will take you about 1.5 hours. From there you cross the Gulf of Nicoya by ferry “Naviera Tambor” in approximately 70 minutes. With some luck you are able to spot a school of dolphins or even a humpback whale! From the ferry dock in Paquera it is only a 5 km drive.

NOTE: If you have a smartphone, it is recommended to get an internet chip from kolbi while you are in the airport. You can use google maps as a GPS in Costa Rica.


It is easy to get to Paquera with public transportation. From San Jose you are able to take a direct bus, leaving every hour from 6AM - 7PM. The terminal is located on Avenida 10 y 12, Calle 16, Barrio los Ángeles. Once you arrive in Puntarenas, you need to take a taxi to the Ferry “Naviera Tambor”. The boat ride will take you in about 70 minutes across the Gulf of Nicoya, with some luck you are able to spot a school of dolphins or even a humpback whale! At the ferry dock in Paquera you could either take the bus that hits to Cóbano and get of in Paquera at “Parada Entrada Cabinas Rosita”, from there it is short walk or you take a taxi.


A flight is available from San Jose Airport to the Tambor airport, which is located about 25 minutes away from Paquera. Costa Rica knows two national carriers, you are able to fly to Tambor by Nature Air or by Sansa. Please, contact us to set up a taxi from the airport to us.