Canopy & Waterfall Tour

Canopy & Waterfall Tour Montezuma

An exciting circuit with 9 cables distributed across 13 platforms will take you through the mountains of Montezuma. From the air, you’ll enjoy adrenaline and see the richness of wildlife found in Costa Rica from panoramic viewpoints, with the Pacific Ocean in the foreground.

That’s what the intense zip lining experience is all about, and you may see howler monkeys and white faced monkeys, parrots, iguanas, and much more. Also, during the tour, you will visit famous waterfalls, where you can take photos or swim in the natural pools that the waterfalls have carved out.

Tours at: 9am - 1pm - 3pm

Includes: Water bottle and guide

Price: US $45.00 per person

What to bring: Wear close toe shoes, insect repellent, swimming wear, camera

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